Corporate Frequent Flyer Redemption Program (CFFRP)


CFFRP is a complimentary corporate program designed to reward small and medium-sized firms with semi-annual spending of USD/CAD25,000 in the United States and Canada with EVA Airways and UNI Airways. EVA Airways CFFRP members hold great benefits, such as allowing your employees to accumulate mileage for their personal frequent flyer accounts, and earn rewards for company usage.

Accrual Eligibility

Flights operated by EVA AIR and international flights operated by UNI AIR are eligible for accrual spending using the Corporate ID provided (excludes codeshare flights with BR or B7 flight numbers).


Earn EVA Airways Corporate award points with each qualified ticket purchased. More accumulated dollars earn better rewards. Awards include Economy, Premium Economy, and Royal Laurel (Business) Class complimentary tickets; BR/B7 Worldwide and Regional Upgrade Certificates; Lounge Passes; and Extra Baggage Allowance.